I'm an artist, illustrator, designer, educator, and father working in Austin, Texas. Since early childhood, I've enjoyed creating images in whatever medium was on hand. This love of all things aesthetic has spilled over into my adult life and drives my excitement about the potential for visual communication in the classroom and with clients. I recently completed a Master's thesis entitled Mississippi: A Study Investigating Flags and Identity, which is a love note to my home state. I specialize in Illustration and custom Typography.


I've also been painting for galleries and private collectors for the past 15+ years. You can see my paintings at www.ChaseQuarterman.com



MFA — Texas State University

MA — The University of Texas at Austin

BS — Mississippi College


Note concerning the hand logo:  The name "Quarterman" or "Quatremains" in Old French means "four hands."  The Quarterman family crest includes four right hands, which can signify the act of creation and of craftsmanship. This stylized hand logo was originally designed for a flag I created for my family.

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